Bluetooth Selfie Stick with Remote

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Perfect the art of the selfie with these hot and new "Selfie Sticks" that come with a black Bluetooth remote that controls the shutter of your smartphone.  By extending from 11 inches to 3.5 feet lengths, you can take a photo of yourself, or your whole group with a click of the remote. Simply pair your smartphone with the Selfie Stick remote via Bluetooth, turn on the camera and snap your picture at just the right moment.  The adjustable head grip with an optional adapter for smaller phones holds most smartphones securely.

Want pictures or video on your camera instead of your smartphone? No problem!  Just remove the adjustable head grip and attach any lightweight point-and-shoot camera with a standard 1/4 inch port.  Start recording manually, and your camera can soar above any crowd to capture otherwise impossible shots.

Technological specifications:

  • Stainless steel monopod with rubber grip in your choice of 8 colors
  • Black Bluetooth shutter remote
  • Weighs about 0.33 lbs.
  • Remote has separate clickers for IOS and Android operating systems
  • Bluetooth has 11 yard operating distance
  • Max load weight of 1.1 lbs.
  • Run on a single, replaceable CR2032 lithium cell battery